Wednesday 4 June 2014

NZ subantarctics part two

So here are a few more photos from the January trip we did through the NZ subantarctic and southern mainland.  Looking back through these images just makes me want to get back and take more photos...that will have to wait until November as I will be back down there leading a group and working with Heritage Expeditions!  Let's hope we get great weather and make all the landings!

South Island kaka on Ulva Island, Stewart Island - that is one heck of a beak!

Red-fronted parakeet near its nest on Ulva Island

The entrance to Milford Sound looking very forbidding

The National Geographic Orion in Milford Sound

Variable oystercatcher chick eating an hang on that is a mussel!

Buller's albatross in flight at the back of the ship

Penguin slope on The Snares

Snare's crested penguin in the water

Dusky dolphins leaping beside the ship

Yellow-eyed penguin on Enderby Island

Cute little pup sealions on Enderby

Hmmmm...but this is what cute pups turn into (and how they are made!)!

Auckland Iland shag with chicks at the nest

Megaherbs on Cambell Island - fantastic

Sheltered anchorage on Campbell Island...relatively!

On a calm day

Pipit on Campbell Island

Looking back down the boardwalk on Campbell Island

Waireria stenopetala in flower on Campbell Island

Campbell Island snipe - back from being extinct!
Southern Royal in flight

Cape petrel in flight - always a crowd pleaser!

Black-bellied storm-petrel getting really acrobatic behind the ship

Don't even ask...

New Zealand wandering albatross in flight off Kaikoura

NZ pigeon in the sunshine

Yellow-crowned parakeet feeding on weed seeds

New Zealand pigeon doing aerial display dive


  1. Fab photos, Brent, as per normal. Just love the kaka's beak (bird in this case!). Dot