Tuesday 14 August 2012

Leaving again…seems like only yesterday I got home!

So has been strangely quiet on here since I got home just over three weeks ago. Life has been its usual hectic self, with quite some time spent sorting out things for our planned house build. It's hard to believe we are getting very close to actually starting, and looking forward to the foundations being poured and the real work beginning. Pretty exciting!

Also spent a fair bit of time backing up images from the last trips to the UK and Svalbard, starting to sort those, and also setting up a new laptop…finally gone completely Mac and boy is it nice (except for a minor meltdown whereby I had to completely reinstall the operating system four days into using it!).

So now it is back to the UK where I will be heading straight up to the Bird Fair to attend that with Sav, where we will both be promoting Wrybill Birding Tours, NZ - mainly our 21-day New Zealand wide tour. Should be an excellent event as it always is, with this being the fourth year I have attended.

Then it is on to Leith, Edinburgh where I will join the MV Island Sky for a cruise down through Scotland to Portsmouth, before heading to Spain for a week or so, and then to Istanbul to join the MV Clipper Odyssey for a trip with Zegrahm Expeditions around the Black Sea. I've not been to Spain, Turkey, or the Black Sea, so this should be fun! Home end of September, but in the meantime watch this space!

A male polar bear I spent over an hour with from a zodiac whilst up in North-East Svalbard looks out towards me whilst sniffing the air.

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