Friday 14 October 2011

Wildlife response - Rena oil spill

Well the last week has been one of the most hectic I've ever had to deal with.  So you haven't heard much from me lately...

Last week I was called within hours of the MV Rena running aground in Tauranga, NZ, and mobilised as one of the core National Oiled Wildlife Response Team members to Tauranga.  I've been here since, and likely to be here for a little while yet.

Below is a link to an interview I did the other day on TV3, and thought I'd post it here just to give a little info on what I've been doing. I would just say that having been involved with this from the very start I am constantly amazed by the knowledge, expertise, and drive of the people involved, from all aspects of the response. This is not an ad hoc group running this response, but a team of incredibly experienced people who know what they are doing. If things haven't been done as those in the public expect, it has been for good reason.

I'd ask that people be as supportive of the efforts as possible, work with those involved directly and not form splinter groups of well meaning people. Lets work together on this. If you want to be involved with the Wildlife Response then please call 0800 333 771 (experienced bird handlers will be especially valuable over the coming weeks), and if you want to be part of the wider cleanup response then please call 0800 645 774.

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