Wednesday 10 August 2011

A long pause!

Well there hasn't been much from me on here of late!  The last month on board the Clipper Odyssey was with Zegrahm Expeditions, and as well as general Expedition Staff duties I was the Digital Photographer for the three cruises.  So we left Plymouth, England on 3 July and finished in Reykjavik, Iceland on 6 August.  Absolutely fantastic three cruises with a lot of time in Iceland, but running through Ireland, Scotland, and the stunning Faroes Islands on the way.  I will steadily post images from the last month online whilst I am here in the UK.  Staying with Mum and Dad and getting caught up on sleep, home cooking, and emails!

Here is one of my favourite shots from the last few weeks...more to come!

Black-legged kittiwake returning to its nest and partner


  1. Thanks guys! I couldn't have planned this one if I tried. It was absolutely a case of right time and right place, as I was standing on the edge of the seabird cliffs on Isle of May, Scotland. As a kittiwake flew in and landed on a ledge below me, the light, angle, and distance were all spectacular, and all I had to do was focus and shoot. As I was taking them I knew they were going to be good! It is moments like these we take photos for!

  2. Tokiko said
    very nice !!