Saturday 19 March 2011

Big moon - Super Moon!

Just took this shot...beaut big ol' moon.

Apparently bigger than normal...the 19 March 2011 'Supermoon'
The full moon on 19 March 2011 is apparently the biggest and brightest in 18 years.  It is supposed to be 20% brighter and 15% bigger than normal, due to the fact it is the closest to the Earth it has been in 18 years.  This is due to variation in the egg-shaped orbit of the moon, meaning that the moon is not at a constant distance from the Earth.  It certainly did appear big and bright, but I would be able to tell you by how much!  More info can be found on the National Geographic news site.

Took this photo with my 1D MkIV with my Canon 800mm and 1.4x, mounted on a tripod in the backyard.  Probably looks a little different to what people are seeing in the Northern Hemisphere.

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