Saturday 27 November 2010

More days in the sun

Just finished another two full days wandering amongst the hills doing bird counts.  Managed to see a couple of Eastern rosellas yesterday, they came in for a look.  Seems they have been gradually spreading, and this may be the second or so confirmed record for Hawkes Bay.  I guess it won't take long for them to get a good grip on the place, and they may actually cause little problem.  The native red-fronted and yellow-crowned parakeets are very unlikely to ever be reintroduced to this area.

It also seems likely that the egg that was being eaten by the shining-bronze cuckoo is actually a silvereye egg.  There has been some evidence that these cuckoos do sometimes parasitise silvereye - they do in Australia - but published information in New Zealand has suggested they don't here.  However, this is another nice little piece of evidence that they possibly do.

Having a relaxing weekend, and trying to catch up on some bits and pieces.  Looks like the weather is going to be nice so hopefully get out on the motorbike and maybe go for a dive as well.

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