Monday 24 February 2020

Day twenty-one - homeward

Out the door early again this morning, and another cool morning but beautiful clear sky.  As we headed north the sun was just peaking over the mountains, and the first rays of light hitting Mt Cook (Aoraki) which was completely clear.  Stunning views of the peak in the morning alpenglow.  A quick photo stop was necessary!
We continued on, grabbing some lunch on the way, Fairlie Bakehouse it was.  And then on towards Christchurch.  We made a short stop to see what shorebirds were around at a location just south of Christchurch.  A nice chance to stretch the legs a little and enjoy the sunshine, before everyone was dropped at their respective locations.  We checked for the recently reported tree martin, but amongst all the welcome swallows there were only….well more welcome swallows!  Ah well.
We dropped off around the city, and then the airport, saying our good-byes.
Day total – Seen = 32; new for the trip = 0; total for the trip to date = 154

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