Tuesday 16 October 2012

Just joined Flickr properly

Well, I have had a Flickr account for a while now, but have just started to upload a few images to my account and have just upgraded to Pro.  Not sure what all this will turn into, but I figured I had little to lose in getting my photos onto Flickr as well as on here and on my Eco-Vista: Photography & Research FaceBook page.

So let's see what happens, just working through some of my Svalbard images and doing a little editing before posting that album, but have so far added a Spain 2012 set, a UK 2012 set, and a Circumnavigation of the Black Sea 2012 set.  Let me know your thoughts, and if you are a regular Flickr user I'd appreciate any feedback and comments on how I can get the most out of this.

My Flickr user is Brent Stephenson Eco-Vista: Photography & Research.

Below is one of my (many) favs from the month I spent in Svalbard in June/July 2012.  What an awesome place!

A Polar bear stands silhouetted on the shore high above the zodiac. Svalbard 2012.

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