Friday 1 June 2012

Rum in the Sun

Not what your thinking...perhaps!  We were on Canna in a little drizzle this morning, and this afternoon on the Isle of Rum with stunning blue sky and sunshine.  Spent a bit of time taking photos of the very photogenic Rum Ponies.  Guess I should have read the sign on the gate saying 'Beware these ponies bite' before jumping the fence and lying down on the ground trying to take photos of them!  Oh well, got a few nice shots of them and some of the other things seen.  We are now heading out towards St Kilda, making a pass through some basking shark country on the way, so hoping to find some of them if possible.  Be nice if we did.

Let's hope the conditions stay nice for our visit to St Kilda tomorrow!

One of my friends on Rum


One of the speedwells, I think Germander speedwell

New leaves against a mossy rock wall

Greylag family

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