Wednesday 30 May 2012

Mega in Ireland!

Just back onboard the MV Island Sky...after seeing Ireland's first record of COLLARED FLYCATCHER!  We have been in Tory all afternoon, with a landing and walks around the place.  Most of the time was spent wandering up around the spectacular cliffs of the eastern part of the island, seeing puffins, razorbills, etc as well as several pairs of choughs.  One pair were doing and awesome display flight.

Anyway, the local guide said there had been a 'black and white' flycatcher found, and we figured probably a pied flycatcher.  I did joke to Tony about it maybe being a collared, but didn't think to much of it.  Although I did spend a couple of minutes on two occasions looking into the bushes it was suggested to have been, but not seeing anything.

Back at the dock as the last passengers were heading back to the ship, three guys with bins and scopes got off the local ferry , and looking frantic headed up past us.  I asked if they were going to see the flycatcher, and they said was a collared!

Ended up dropping everyone back at the ship and racing back to the dock and up the street to the 'Magic bush' and they had found the bird which was showing reasonably well, but spending a lot of time really low in the bush and nettles underneath.  Great little bird though, a first summer male, and managed a few semi-decent photos.  Not only is this a first for Ireland, but a lifer for me! Thanks to the guys there and hope it sticks around for a few more birders, especially Craig Nash!

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