Wednesday 24 August 2011

Almost time for home

So we had a great Bird Fair at Rutland Water.  The third that I have attended representing Wrybill Birding Tours, NZ and the first that both Sav and I have attended.  Friday was a busy day, as always this is the day where most serious interest seems to be shown.  Saturday was pretty quiet and Sunday was a little better.  A lot of interest being shown in New Zealand still, which is great to see considering the current state of 'financial' affairs.

Nice to also catch up with a bunch of past clients, a friends and colleagues from around the World.  A big thanks to Albatross Encounter whom we shared a stand with, and great to hang out with the rest of the kiwi exhibitors.

Mum and Dad had spent time up around the local area in their campervan and then picked me up yesterday morning.  We headed back to their place and being the sort of person that loves to watch others working hard took a few photos of the old boy digging his spuds.  I know this will be enjoyed by a few people around the place!

Leave tomorrow morning for London, and then back to NZ.  Looking forward to getting home as this has been a long but enjoyable three and a bit months.  Hard to believe its been that long actually, and managed to see a few good things and get a couple of nice photos along the way!

The stand before the madness starts

Gary Melville from Albatross Encounter by the stand

Sav at the stand

Dad digging his spuds


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  1. Tokiko said..
    Bird Fair, Eco-Vista stand is wonderful !! you have will and wish.
    Great !!!.father dig potate look deliciously.your family is nice
    safely come back please.