Saturday 25 June 2011

Launch the rescue boats, ‘Hat overboard’!

And so it was as we left Rosyth just near Edinburgh we headed out to Bass Rock.  What a spectacle, and in relatively calm seas and very little wind.  Gannets, gannets everywhere, all 150,000 of them!  But some fool hadn’t adjusted his hat, his favourite hat I might add, and so it blew off his head, across the deck and disappeared down a stairwell and over the side of the ship!  A burial at sea, as even after yelling ‘Hat overboard’ the Captain would not launch the rescue boats.  Perhaps he did not realise this hat had been a part of my life since Alaska in 2007, purchased in Dutch Harbor even!  If the truth be told it had started to fray a little in recent weeks and to be incorporated into a gannets nest would possibly be its greatest tribute.  To my hat!

The foghorn...and gannets of course, on Bass Rock

In the air!

Love the clouds

Gannets, gannets, everywhere

And more gannets, and some history or something getting in the way of a nice picture!

Let the tribute to the hat begin...

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