Sunday 15 May 2011

In the UK/North Atlantic now for just over three months

Arrived into the UK yesterday and bussed up to Gloucester, where Mum and Dad met me.  The flights weren't too bad.

Just sorting a few things before heading to Bristol today to catch up with Sue Flood and Chris Cutler.  Should be good catching up with them and see all their 'award winning' photos from their recent trip to Hungary.  Sounds like a pretty good trip.

I have just posted my 'failed' Wildlife Photographer of the Year entires on to my Eco-Vista: Photography & Research facebook page.  Bit of a bummer I didn't get anything through, but as this was the first year I have entered didn't really expect too much.  Hopefully better luck next year!  I have posted three of the entries below.  Still to hear if anything caught the judges eyes, they let people know in the next few weeks whether any of their entries actually got beyond the first round.

Will be posting regularly on here during my travels over the next three months.  Flying to Madeira tomorrow and really looking forward to the Madeira Wind Birds Zino's pelagics I'm booked on.  Catching up with my good mate Bob Flood (Scilly Pelagics) who is also doing the trips, so should be awesome.

Juvenile masked booby - entry as Animal Portrait

An 'angelic' white tern - entry as Animal Portrait

Blue duck calling - entry as Gerald Durrell endangered species

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