Friday 10 December 2010

Ushuaia has called

Well sitting back at the hotel about to hit the sack.  Just had a couple of beers at the favourite haunt in Ushuaia - the Dublin Irish Pub - a little Irish bar that tends to be the hangout for wayward Expedition Staff...seems like I was the only one tonight, although lots of other locals and tourists as per usual.  Suspect it will be a different story in 10 days or so when we are back and should be a couple of ships in port.  Should be a few people I have worked with in town which will be great.  Caught up with my good mate Chris Srigley who was leaving on the very fancy looking 'Le Boreal' this evening, man looks like a nice ship!  Only got 10 minutes to catch up with him, but great to see him.

Had a nice dinner at Lola's which has a great view out across the bay and port from up on the hill.  Even saw the Clelia II come into port this afternoon after her little mishap on the Drake.  For those that haven't seen it this link shows a little of the fury the Drake can vent, but of course it can get worse.

The rain and snow mainly cleared this evening and set for a nice day tomorrow hopefully.  Was pretty chilly today, certainly cooler than the 30 degrees C in Buenos Aires!

So all set to get on the ship in the morning...just have to get through Port security with no Crew Card...guess thats somewhere on the ship.

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